Independence Day Regatta

June 29, June 30 & July 1, 2018


Print this parking pass and put it on your dashboard.  It can be printed in black and white.

2018 IDR Parking Pass – click or tap here

No vehicle parking will be permitted in the East Park Canoe House (EPCH) / Temple lot. We need all available space for boat trailers.

For coaches, competitors and spectators, there are several options:

  • Kelly Drive – Kelly Drive will be closed starting at 6 am Friday morning and reopen at Sunday at 6 pm. Parking will be easy and free on Kelly Drive. Cars must have an IDR parking pass to get thru police barricades at Strawberry Mansion bridge. Diagonal parking is permitted on the river side of Kelly Drive, from the East Park Canoe House (EPCH) / Temple to Fountain Green and Grant’s statue. Parking on the grass is strictly prohibited; violators will be ticketed. Parking is NOT allowed overnight except for trailers and tow vehicles.
  • Grandstand parking lot – continue ½ mile inbound on Kelly Drive to the finish line parking line. It holds about 60 cars. You can walk the ½ mile back to the East Park Canoe House (EPCH) / Temple and launch area.
  • Plateau parking – turn left at the police barricades on Kelly Drive at Strawberry Mansion bridge onto Strawberry Mansion Drive which becomes Reservoir Drive. Go thru the stop sign at the top of the hill, continue on Reservoir Drive and turn right onto Randolph Drive. Park curbside and walk to the East Park Canoe House (EPCH) / Temple and launch area. There is no charge for parking there. Boxer’s Trail is a very walkable trail thru the woods to the river. The trail starts at the corner of Reservoir Drive and Reservoir Drive.

Boat Trailer Parking

Only boat trailers will be permitted in the East Park Canoe House (EPCH) / Temple parking lot. Trailer space will be severely restricted. Please follow instructions of the parking staff. Small trailers will be asked to offload their boats, move them to A frames we will provide and then leave the lot. That’s the only way we will fit all the trailers in.
Vehicles with boats carried on the top will be permitted into the East Park Canoe House (EPCH) / Temple parking lot to drop off their boat but must then depart.

Parking for tow vehicles and small trailers is available curbside on Mt Pleasant Drive. Follow Kelly Drive inbound past the finish line, turn left at the traffic light at Fountain Green Drive and take the first left onto Mt. Pleasant Drive.