Volunteers Needed

It’s a 3 day regatta, and it’s lots of fun to be a part of the team. The list below is representative of the many roles we need to fill.  Signing up is easy by simply clicking HERE.  Please be sure to also indicate if you can come to our fun, post-regatta dinners each day (at bottom of Sign Up) and August 5 Olympic Opening Ceremonies Thank You Party.

CLUB LAUNCH DRIVERS: Please use the separate Sign Up link HERE to indicate what shift you can fill.

  • Finish Tower
  • Dockmasters
  • Trailer Parking
  • Information Tent
  • Stakeboat Holders – We pay $30/day for Stakeboat Holders.  Lunch is included, and we rotate Holders throughout the day with lots of breaks in between.  High School students are preferred.

Don’t see anything listed but still want to help?  Contact Bonnie Mueller at 215-815-0599 or schuylkillnavyofphiladelphia@gmail.com

Countdown to Independence Day Regatta